Address Numbers – Six Years Later

DSC01559 1024x681 Address Numbers   Six Years Later

We moved into our house about six years ago. For some reason we can’t remember, we decided to buy modern floating stainless address numbers. I can’t even remember if we had a place in mind to put them. We were just excited to be homeowners, and determined to be cool ones.

The front door had a custom address plate, complete with address and street name. It wasn’t our style, but it took us six years (and the realization that the previous homeowners left a gallon of the house paint color behind) to get around to using our “modern” numbers.

Last weekend, I removed the cutesy custom plate, filled the two screw holes, and painted the white spot left behind the same off-white as the house; and this weekend, added the numbers.

I didn’t document the process since it was really so simple. All I’ll say is that I used the masking-tape-on-the-drill-bit trick to make sure I was drilling an inch into the wood, and that I ended up changing the size of the drill bit used from what was recommended. The instructions had me drilling holes bigger than needed, filling them with silicone caulk, putting the numbers on, and letting the caulk cure. I decided I’d just drill holes that were the same size as the anchors and be done with it. The only drawback to this is that, if your drill holes are even sliiiightly off, all your anchors aren’t going to go smoothly into your holes. Luckily, I was pretty darn accurate with my drilling, so I only had to do a little “convincing” to get the numbers where they needed to be.

Here’s the full view:

DSC01553 1024x999 Address Numbers   Six Years Later

While I was out there, I decided that the weird green outer door can probably easily be removed. Then a new front door? Definitely a new porch light. *g*

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Refacing the Wet Bar – Part 2: Countertop

After the cabinets turned out decently better, I also wanted to get rid of the ugly laminate. A sheet of white laminate would have been under $50, but then there was the issue of a cutting tool (no router or Dremel in our tool box). After some research, I decided that painting was the most practical and cost-efficient way to go. Ironic, since I had just taken all the paint off of the cabinets themselves.

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Refacing the Wet Bar – Part 1: Cabinets

We have a tiny wet bar with a sink that we’ve mainly used for washing out paintbrushes over the past four and a half years. We didn’t give it much love because, well, we kind of hated it. For one, the counter top was a weird, wavy-textured faux-marble looking laminate. Also, the faucet leaks (not fixed yet, but soon…). The fresh coat of white paint we applied when we moved in was beginning to get downright gross.

2012 06 21 old cabinets 1643 Refacing the Wet Bar   Part 1: Cabinets

With everything else in the living room looking pretty nice by this point, I decided I just couldn’t take it any more. I’ve watched my Aunt Jan strip more doors in her beautiful 1920′s bungalow than I can count in my lifetime, so I thought, “Why not!?”

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Greening Besta

2012 04 12 Besta Green Stripes 145 Greening Besta

For quite some time we’ve been tossing around the idea of doing something to make our living room less black and white. We knew we wanted green, since it’s our favorite color and bridges nicely to the backyard. The obvious thing would be to add a pillow or two. Which we did, ordering a needlepoint Jonathan Adler one, but our cat Eva decided she’d sharpen her claws in it. D’oh! Adding a plant would also be a nice touch, but we’re having trouble finding just the right one.

Then it occurred to us, what if we made the top row of our Besta entertainment center cabinets, which are a glossy black, green!

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New MetropoChris site is up!

MetropoChris Chris Perez Austin 1024x842 New MetropoChris site is up!

Chris has been blogging for Apartment Therapy lately – which is why it’s been hard for him to keep up with the House.0 blog and why I’ll probably be writing up the posts on this site for future DIY’s.

He has a new page and site called, where he’ll share stories and outtakes from his blogging adventures – that encompass topics on design and technology. It’ll also be the place for fun recipes and other general Austin foodie things we come across.

Stop by and take a look at!