In Setu : New Herman Miller Office Chairs

Christy and I have been sitting in standard issue, office furniture for most of our lives.  Which is all well and good, but since we’re going to be working from home and sitting in this furniture for a good part of the day we decided it was time to get something more ergonomic and durable.

We’ve been keeping our eyes out for good seating solutions, and always seemed to be drawn to Herman Miller.

A lot of the items were out of bounds in terms of cost, but the Setu chair seemed to be reasonable as far as classic modern furniture goes.

After testing out the chair for comfort (the back support feel great and contours around you with a reassuring firmness) we placed our order on (best prices for authentic Herman Miller, and great customer service).

We settled on a gray /studio white color combo (to complement the rest of the office decor) with hardwood roller casters.

It took about 4 weeks for the chairs to finally ship, but they were worth the wait…

In need of some shade : IKEA Enje & Tupplar Roller Blinds installation

Christy and I have been living under standard fare, previous-owner furnished shades throughout the house.

The most exotic of which, has to be the camo pattern…

Also are some bamboo shades, adorning the east / west side facing rooms, that aren’t too bad, but nothing we’d pick out ourselves.

Another to-do of ours was to one day replace these with black-out shades for a few reasons…

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Office Space (Remodeling our home office)

Ahh, the office.

When Christy and I relocated to the Austin area (from frigid Rochester, MN), we technically became remote employees (our teams still centralized in Minnesota).

During the transition we both worked a lot from our offices on the Austin campus, but after about year of getting settled in we started to realize actually driving to the office wasn’t necessary.  Neither of us had coworkers in our buildings, and we were working on laptops.  So we gradually started working more and more from our home until eventually it became the norm.

There were quite a few deficiencies at home though, and we decided to address them by making a more formal and functional office space for the both of us.

When we first moved in, we just had a single small desk that we tried to fit all our equipment and things onto…

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