Color me green 3.0 (Energy Efficient Windows installation)


Christy and I finally made our last big energy efficiency upgrade to our home….new windows!

After paying attention to style of windows in our favorite modern design outlets, we decided that we wanted dark frame windows with minimal frame width.

After having a few different contractors come by and showcase everything from vinyl, wood to composites.  We were attracted most to the look and durability of aluminum windows.

The aluminum windows seemed to be the window frame of chose at many of the home tours we have been on as well, so it seemed like a good choice.  The company we chose offered Milgard brand windows and we opted for the thermally-broken variety with double-pane and argon filled options for added energy efficiency.

The new windows were installed all-throughout the house with the exception of the big patio-style doors that adorn the balconies on the front.

After about a 6-week wait for the windows to get made, they were installed in just a couple days.  We’re really happy about the results and feel it goes another step toward giving the house a new clean and minimal look and edge.

Before and after pics after the break.

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