High Definiton 2.0 update

Well, my new HDTV set has finally arrived and we wasted no time unboxing and setting it up on our Besta cabinet installation…

panasonic vt30 hdtv besta 112 High Definiton 2.0 update

And here it finally is…

panasonic vt30 hdtv besta 114 High Definiton 2.0 updatepanasonic vt30 hdtv besta 115 High Definiton 2.0 updatepanasonic vt30 hdtv besta 116 High Definiton 2.0 update

We’re really quite relieved that this whole project worked out and the TV fit on the mounts just like we measured. ¬†Everything looks super clean and neat, and everything just works together.

It took a lot of time and work to get here, but man was it worth it.

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21 thoughts on “High Definiton 2.0 update

  1. This project looks fantastic!

    One question, where are your other home theater components located? I ask as it relates to remote usage. Are they in they cabinets with an IR extender cable attached to the front of the cabinets?

    Again, it looks great!

    • Thanks! I have the home theater components in most of the bottom drawers.

      You’re right, I use an Logitech IR extender kit. I have 3 IR blasters in the cabinets to control the components and a IR sensor mounted below my TV set.

      Blends right in, and you wouldn’t notice its there unless you’re looking for it.

  2. Hi Chris & Christy, love your house and how you’re renovating it!
    Keep posting pictures, it’s inspiring…you’re doing a really nice work! :)
    Good luck

    Monia (italy)

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  4. I’ve done similar setup at home but running into issues with heat from receivers, XBox, HTPC, etc. Had to install 120mm silent fans in the back to suck the heat out. How did you handle it?

    • I have some issues with heat for my PS3, and installed a couple 120mm USB fans to vent. It didn’t work as great as I had hoped, so when I use the PS3 for more than 30 minutes I usually just make sure to leave that door slightly open.

  5. Amazingly well done! I’m trying to do a similar set up! I’ve emailed links to my boyfriend who loves it as well. If ours turns out half as beautiful as yours I’d be very pleased! Where did you place the IR sensors?

    • Great! Thanks for the compliments.

      I got a Logitech IR Extender setup. The main IR is mounted under the TV with mounting tape (below Panasonic logo).
      The IR blasters are in the cabinets up close and by the doors. This allows the signal to bounce off the door and into the device.

      Good luck and hope it turns out great!

  6. Hi, how is your tv, I’m doing some Framsta stuff as well and I’m afraid to put my 80lb tv on it. Using the same bracket as yours but my tv is a bit thicker since it’s an earlier Sony LCD tv. I currently have two brackets secured to the wall studs (which are the ones that came with the framsta set) but should I throw in more?

    • Hey Brandon,

      My TV is doing great. I just looked at the max weight listed for the two Framsta brackets, not max dimension of TV. The brackets say they support 132 lbs together, so your 80 lb TV should be fine with the two brackets. My Panasonic weighs about 110lb and its fine.

    • The TV is 65″. Dimensions are 62″ width x 38″ height. You can probably fit your TV on two panels but there won’t be room for much else. If you are doing speakers on the side, like mine, it might be too tight.

  7. Looks Great! I just got the Panasonic 65VT30 myself.
    I mounted it directly to the wall and bough a more expensive AV cabinet because all of my components are between 16″ and 21″ deep, so I could not fit in the Besta.
    I am thinking about doing a similair besta/framsta configuration on the side wall
    in my room because I need the storage space and the framsta would be an easy way for me to hide the big holes in my wall from my old plasma (I changed the wall my TV sits on as part of this upgrade/ renovation).
    Question: Could I use one of the TV brackets with the Framsta to hang my side surround speaker (it is about 25″ long, 10″ wide, 6″ deep and 30 pounds) Could i run the speaker wire behind the Framsta?
    FYI, I am having huge heat issue myself in new cabinet (all my gear was on open racks before), I was hoping wans would be my answer, does not sound like??

    • Awesome! Great TV. You’re going to love it.

      To answer your first question. It does sound like you could manage to hang your speaker on the Framsta TV bracket (good idea!). It’s basically two-pieces of metal. One piece has a bunch of screw holes you’ll mount to your speaker if you can. The other piece clips into the Framsta panel. You’ll simply just slide the speaker (attached to one part of the bracket) into the groove of the bracket attached to the Framsta wall panels. It’s pretty easy.

      You definitely can run speaker wire behind it. And that’s actually what I’m doing for my speakers. I drilled holes behind the mount and ran speaker wire to them from behind the panel.

      Sounds like you have some serious components, so makes sense that there are heat issues there. Fans might solve it, depending on your setup. Since I put fans in as an afterthought, it wasn’t so effective. There just wasn’t a good enough path for the heat to escape…and keep in mind my cabinet system is basically flush to the wall. If you have a cabinet system with more room for airflow behind it, or you could put fans on the side so that heat escapes into the room with ease, then you may have better luck.

      Good luck and enjoy the new TV.

  8. amazing job ! (..are you tired of that yet? :)
    My question is where did you place your subwoofer?
    My issue with my Besta set-up is mine will have to be placed in one of the bottom, closed cabinets and sound will obviously not pass through when closed. Ive seen hacks using perforated grills, & speaker mesh in lieu of the cabinet door (http://www.ikeahackers.net/2010/08/contemporary-concealed-entertainment.html)
    …but my unit is white and as much as possible dont want to ruin its aesthetic. Any advice would be greatly appreciated !
    ps. love your posts on apartment therapy.com too !

    • Ha! Thanks so much Francis for the love.

      I’m not emotionally tired of this yet, but I am at times pretty physically tired from all the things I manage to get into.

      I put my subwoofer inside one of the lower cabinet like you mentioned. For casually watching TV this works fine and I don’t find the subwoofer sounds displeasing nor do they cause a whole lot of vibration.
      I did consider lining that cabinet with some sound dampening, anti-vibration material such as the type used in car audio, but instead opted for a cheaper solution suggested by my A/V calibrator…

      Now that solution doesn’t work as great as he makes it sound, but it does work a bit…but I also couldn’t find those specific pads he uses so maybe there is a difference there.

      When I watch big action movies, I like to crank up the volume, and in those cases I open the door and pull out the subwoofer so it doesn’t vibrate the heck out of the Besta.
      It’s not particularly elegant, but the lights are dimmed low for these events and I’m enjoying the movie too much to notice the woofer sitting in front of the cabinet.

      If you think of something better let me know.

  9. Thx for the link; I’ll check those out. As far as alt solutions go, short of modding the cabinet doors, it seems the next best thing is creative placement ie in the wall, ceiling floor etc. http://www.soundandvisionmag.com/article/7-ways-hide-your-subwoofer
    Then it delves in high end custom finishing.
    I think I’m on the same page as you, lower the lights and just open the cabinet door. Definitely not the end of the world.
    Thanks again & look forward to your next project.

  10. Great work! I am looking to do something very similar. Do you know the approximate total length? Do you have a list of part numbers for the pieces and lights? How did you get it so flush with the wall? Did you drill into it and into the wall studs instead of spacing it and using the anti topple that usually comes with it? I’d appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

    • Yeah, the three wall panels span about 141″ in length. The extra cabinet we have at the end (unattached to a wall panel) is another 34″, so that makes the total ~165″ in length

      There’s a shopping list at the bottom of the post that list all parts and pieces including the lights.

      We drilled it into wood block spacers that are then drilled into studs on the wall. Some of that detail can be found toward the bottom of the post.

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