You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation

I ordered a new HDTV recently (see HD 2.0) and since its so sleek and shiny I didn’t just want to sit it on a stand.

I always loved the look of wall mounted TV’s, maybe it was time go there. The wiring however, especially after new insulation, might have presented a few challenges though. Christy also was nervous about drilling any big holes in the wall that might be necessary for a wall-mount to work. There must be another way.

In our many trips to IKEA we often took note of their cool media cabinet configurations. We then thought that maybe the best solution is to get a new cabinet system with wall paneling – then just mount the new television to that. That’d be a lot easier than drilling holes, routing electrical wires, and attaching a recessed box for a wall-mount, right?


Actually, this project was probably one of the biggest things we’ve underestimated. We should have been tipped off when a random IKEA customer commented on our car-loads full of IKEA boxes with, “It took me two weeks to assemble some of their closets. Good luck!”

A prophet he was, as what we thought would be a weekend project turned into about 3-4 weeks of daily tweaks and finagling.

We should have first realized this when just figuring out what to buy (what would fit in the room) required a Google Sketchup of the place. *OK, maybe it didn’t require a Google Sketchup but it sure did help visualize our thoughts.

Screen shot 2011 07 05 at 5.19.41 AM e1309861247282 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation

Yes, because I’m a huge nerd and found the IKEA Besta Configurator to be lacking, I made sketches of each cabinet and configuration IKEA sold to see what arrangement would look best. It was a fun learning experience and in the end this is what we settled on…

besta 299 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation

Screen shot 2011 07 05 at 5.22.54 AM e1309861419269 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation

Download my IKEA Besta Configurator Sketchup file to see what items will fit in your space.

With all the executive decisions made, we then printed out a sheet of what we needed, and loaded up two cars to IKEA.

That whole process took about 3 hours (and we knew what we wanted already!). But we did finally make it home, and get everything unloaded…

ikea besta cabinet media center hack 154 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation

We took a little break, got dinner, and then decided we’d start with building a couple cabinets…

ikea besta cabinet media center hack 155 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation ikea besta cabinet media center hack 156 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation ikea besta cabinet media center hack 157 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation

That part went through pretty painlessly. So much so, I think one of us commented that maybe we’d finish it up by the weekend (OMG!)

We then started putting the wall panels together, and mounting them to the cabinets…

ikea besta cabinet media center hack 158 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation

About that time, I realized we’d need a template for the TV (It’s not here yet, remember). So I downloaded a spec sheet online and made a cardboard template (using the old IKEA boxes) complete with precise measurements for mounting holes, etc…

ikea besta cabinet media center hack 159 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation

This project was really coming together. So we started putting some things in place and seeing how they were going to work together.

That’s when the trouble started – as we soon realized this whole media cabinet solution from IKEA was not designed with electrical wiring in mind…at all!

There were no pre-drilled holes in the the wall panels, the aluminum framing, or even the backs of the cabinets for routing cables.

Apparently, nobody at IKEA asked the question, “How is someone going to get wires from the front of a wall panel to the inside of the cabinet”

We had to ask those questions and the answer was “Fire up the drill.”

Make holes in cabinets for routing cables between components….DONE. (Top hole for power, and bottom hole for signals BTW.)

We also had to move the speaker wire box down because the cabinet pushed against the wall and would hit the box where we had originally installed it. The wires were moved down and the top hole was covered by a plate. Oh yeah…DONE.

ikea besta cabinet media center hack 160 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation

Make holes in shelves for extra cabling to tuck in when cabinets are flush against wall…DONE.

ikea besta cabinet media center hack 161 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation

Make holes in metal framing with a just-wide-enough hole saw bit…DONE.

ikea besta cabinet media center hack 162 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation

and DONE.

ikea besta cabinet media center hack 163 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation

Now onto the next issue…making a drawer out of a door. Those zany big wigs who make the decisions at IKEA decided that people would only want little drawers, not tall ones the same size of the cabinet.

Screen shot 2011 07 05 at 5.56.29 AM You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation

So to get the look we desired, a wee bit of hacking was involved. How’d we do it? We bought a small drawer door (to return later) and used it as a template on a full size door.

We drilled holes in the same spots and to the same depths. The depth was determined by using a clever masking tape indicator – we inserted the appropriate drill bit into our drill, then saw how deep it would go in the pre-drilled small drawer door. We then put masking tape on the drillbit at the point where it touched down on the door. Now all we would have to do is drill that same depth in the larger door – stopping was the masking tape touched the door again.

ikea besta cabinet media center hack 164 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation

After the holes were drilled to match that of the small drawer we tried matching it up to the sliding drawer mechanism. Voila! It worked!

besta  You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation

With the bottom part of the cabinet mostly in place, we then started mounting the top cabinets on the cabinet rails and flush against the wall. This was a little tricky to measure just right, but I had Christy eyeing the level while I hung the cabinets to make things easier. It would have been easier if our house wasn’t 30+ years old and slightly uneven everywhere. We measured enough room to have a 1/2″ gap between the bottom of the cabinets and the top of the wall panels, which turned out to be barely enough.

ikea besta cabinet media center hack 165 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation

It turned out that the last one didn’t line up, so we had to take them all down, bang everything into place, take them down, and ended up giving up for a while. It was always the last one, no matter which one, that wouldn’t align. Talk about frustrating.

ikea besta cabinet media center hack 166 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation

We also got some spotlights to attach underneath the top row of cabinets, for added drama. Once we started to route and wire the lights we came across another issue – the included wire wasn’t long enough to span across the cabinets. To get by this one we went to Radio Shack and bought another roll of electrical wire of the same gauge. We spliced that new wire to the original cabling. We made sure we did this in a spot that would be tucked away behind the wall panels, so our handy-work was out of sight.

ikea besta cabinet media center hack 167 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation

ikea besta cabinet media center hack 168 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation ikea besta cabinet media center hack 169 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation Next task, mounting the speakers. This was relatively easy as I had a template for my speaker mounts. I just measured them equal distance from the display template and drilled through the wall panels. We made sure to fasten anchors on the other side of the panels for extra support since the speakers are quite heavy at 10lbs each.

ikea besta cabinet media center hack 170 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation ikea besta cabinet media center hack 171 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation We took a step back, and for the first time got the sense that this whole project was really going to work. Eva the cat, however, was not impressed…

ikea besta cabinet media center hack 172 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation

The only thing left now, is to mount that baby to the wall for extra support.

There was about a 1″ gap from the back of the panel to the wall because of the baseboard trim running along the floor. To address that we got some plywood of that same thickness and sawed it into blocks. We then held those blocks against the wall and drilled the whole wall panel first through those plywood blocks and then through the wall. Make sure you get screws long enough to do this. Secured.

ikea besta cabinet media center hack 173 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation ikea besta cabinet media center hack 174 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation ikea besta cabinet media center hack 175 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation

With the cabinet and panels now mounted to the wall and all wires in place we now just needed to re-hang the top cabinets and put on the doors. Our attention-starved cat thought otherwise, and we called it a night.

ikea besta cabinet media center hack 176 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation

While I was out golfing the next day, Christy (to my surprise) put the finishing touches (and by touches I mean hung the cabinets, attached the lights, affixed the top doors, etc.) on everything and the Besta cabinet project was officially complete.

It really looked cool walking in from the garage…

ikea besta cabinet media center hack 177 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation ikea besta cabinet media center hack 178 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation ikea besta cabinet media center hack 179 You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation

What a relief. Our 3-4 week labor of love, finally complete, and everything looked fantastic.

If you’re looking to do something similar, click here for our shopping list. Good luck, stay the course, and you’ll get there (eventually).

The hard part definitely isn’t assembling each individual piece, but doing all the little tweaks and hacks to get the cabinet to be functional and look super-clean.

Now, when is that new TV shipping out?

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71 thoughts on “You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation

  1. Hi There!

    I looks fantastic!
    I also love these KEF Speakers ;-)

    But, what kind of Panels are in the Backround? These aluminum Squares with the white Plates inside?

    It is one of the best Ikea “Hacks” i have ever seen!

    Greetings from Germany!

    PS: the rearspeaker construction is also very good, but in germany we don´t have wood´n ceilings.

  2. Brilliant – my girlfriend and I spent the weekend at the Amsterdam Ikea fighting, mostly about what would fit and what won’t — I just happened to download Sketchup to design the rooms, so this comes at a brilliant time (also a good example when two adults work *together* on a project…)

    Any chance you can make the Google Sketchup elements available?

    • Thanks for the comments. I made a link available to my Sketchup file above so you can try yourself and see which items fit in your space.

      Good Luck!

    • The drawers don’t bend forward. They feel secure, and open and close as you’d want.

      I’m not sure what you’re trying to fit that drawer into, but I’d get the largest drawer that IKEA sells to fit in the opening you have. The more wood you can secure the drawer unit to the door to, the better.

      I used this fully extending drawer which has a stop as well…

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  4. Thanks for the Framsta vertical hole idea! If Ikea would have made the vertical supports a bit smaller diameter too and provided holes it would be a great system. Your lucky your wife didn’t opt for the glass top on the base cabinets.

    • Yeah, I really wish they thought things out more when designing the pieces. Funny you mention the glass tops because we actually did opt for that idea, but then realized with the Framsta panels attached to the cabinets it wouldn’t sit flush.

      We called a glass company to cut it down to size but they said since the glass was tempered it couldn’t be cut. So we ended up returning them. They really should sell narrower pieces to fit with the Framsta panels attached too.

      • regarding the glass tops. You can use the 2 pack of glass that comes with the panels as a topper they are 12″ wide as opposed to the 15″ wide ones!

        • Thank God for you, Gina! I was having the same problem as CP regarding the glass tops not fitting with the framsta attached. Just did the measurements ref your glass panel idea and it will fit!

  5. Amazing! We are about to start wall to wall boockshelves, about 10 ft wide by 8 ft tall. Tried with Pax, but shelves sagged badly. Will now use Hemnes (all wood)or Besta (particleboard, but only 22 inch span). The salesman at the store assures us that the Besta particleboard is made from stronger hardwood chips that result in a much stronger shelf then Pax or Billy. Thoughts? Thanks/Cesar

    • Sounds like a great idea. Not sure about strength of particleboard though compared to Pax. I’d take a few large books into IKEA (or something heavy), & put them on each shelf and see before buying.

  6. For the bottom cabinets, did you use the ~10″ high x ~19″ deep cabinets, or the ~15″ high x ~16″ deep cabinets? I’m just curious because your sketchup shows the bottom cabinets being the lower and deeper cabinets, but your shopping list looks like it all uses the same size (15″hx16″d) cabinets. It’s hard to tell by the pictures. Thanks for all the details and congrats on a really nice setup!

    • Good eye. I used the ~15″ x 16″ deep cabinets. I did initially plan on the shorter 10″ cabinets (as shown in the Sketchup), but then realized one of my components would be too tall for it. Thanks and hope this helps.

      • Definitely helps.. I’m at the point now playing with sketchup and designing things.. and just noticed this small discrepancy. Thanks for sharing all your plans/details, it certainly helps other folks out (it’s a big help to myself). The “problem” with these ikea pieces seems to be ventilation (I guess it’s a problem with any built ins), and it’s a toss up of how to deal with it.. Either leaving components out in the open, or perhaps installing ventilation somehow (the cabinet needing ventilation would need to be open on the side). Thanks again for your details. Nice work!

        • Yeah, true story on the ventilation. For most my components I’m fine with the holes I drilled out back. There’s some gap between the whole system and the wall so air can escape out the side.

          For my PS3 though, it’s an issue and if I’m using for over 30 minutes I usually just leave the door that houses it slightly ajar. This is after installing a couple USB fans to help out with ventilation as well.

  7. Wow! GREAT explanations and photos to go along. I’m looking forward to my next home design project thanks to you! side note: cats LOVE to help/comment on home projects don’t they? Mine are very opinionated as to where my drill bits belong (under furniture).

  8. Great great job!!!

    I have deep audio components. I have a 16″ deep Integra Pre Amp and Amp. With the cables and such, I probably need at least 18″.

    Do your audio components all fit in those modules? Do you have deep audio components?

    I noticed that the cabinets for bedroom stuff seems deeper?

    I was also thinking about getting the Framsta panels but was going to get the white glass ones and illuminate them with colored led lighting. Is the white panel glass or wood in your setup. I wonder how hard it would be to have someone cut holes in glass panes?

    Thanks in advance for any advice

    • Thanks Frederick.

      I have a 15″ deep Denon Receiver and it just fits with the speaker wires coming out the back. I think it’d be hard to get another 1″ in there, but if you aren’t mounting it to wall then you should be fine.

      They do have some deeper cabinets (I think 19″) but they are a little shorter, so not sure if that works for your application or not.

      I thought about white glass too, but went with white panel because I wanted to mount the speakers to them. If you are just mounting a TV, they sell a white glass panel with a cut-out for wires that will work. I don’t think you’ll be able to cut the glass yourself because it is likely tempered.

  9. I wanted to do the same door to drawer conversion, but when I went to drill the appropriate holes in the drawer I realized there is a big hole for the hinge where I need to drill the hole for the drawer fitting… I missing something? I don’t see the same hinge hole in your drawing so I’m wondering whether I bought the right door?

    • Ah, I think you have the right door. We had the hinge hole too, but it only affected one of the four screws. We found the three screws on the door to be enough to hold it secure to the sliding drawer mechanism, and haven’t had any issues.

      • Ahhhh… it. I did the three hole mount that you suggested and it seems to be working. Though I’m a bit nervous of it breaking if someone yards on it. I might use a little glue just to help reinforce the bond between the door front and drawer unit. Thanks for your suggestions and you’re site!

        about leaving it that wy though. I think I will put some double sided tape that someone might yard on the drawer front and

  10. how much weight in your opinion do the upper cabinets hold? I’m thinking of putting my components in the uppers and running the wires down.

    • I actually did not. Perhaps that’s a little sketchy, but we have thick heavily-sheathed wiring and don’t feel a lot of movement goes on in there. Grommets would have been nice, or at least some putty now that I think about it.

  11. Im planning on building a VERY similar unit in my basement as I feel in love with this design you made. One question/concern, I was at my local ikea dealer and loved the white gloss cabinates, loved the black glass doors (though shocked how expensive they are!), but HATED the flat white wall panels. Does Ikea not make gloss white panels? Are yours flat white? I cant tell from the photos. Do you feel with your lighting setup it still looks good?

    I’m actually considering changing the piece to use the gloss black panels instead of the white, based off your own unit, do you feel that would look good?

    Thank you again for posting this, your truly did a wonderful job!

    • Don’t think you can get gloss white panels. Ours are flat white, and I think they look fine, even under the lighting.

      I thought about black panels but was worried about the whole unit looking too much like a box on the wall. I chose white because it blended in with the surrounding wall more and made just the cabinets and TV stand out. Depends on your room, wall, style on what you may prefer.

      If you wanted you could try painting the flat wall panels with a high-gloss spray can paint. The panels are double sided (one side brown wood, the other flat white). So try it on the brown wood side, and if you don’t love it just turn it over and you got the flat white as backup.

      • You guys really did a beautiful job. Bravo. In terms of personalizing the patterns, PANYL just launched a product that offers 34 different color patterns for the Framsta flat-panel mount you guys used. Check it out:

        Again, awesome job. Will you come install mine?

        • Thanks Dan,

          I love Panyl. We’ve had a couple posts on them on Apartment Therapy (a design blog I write for).

          Really love the site and all the styles you offer. Especially the wood-grain finishes.

  12. Great install. I was thinking of something similar, good to know how much mod-work is required to install the Besta.

    What couch is that?

  13. Very useful post! Thanks for taking the time to guide us through your process. I would like to do a mockup of my living room using Sketchup, as I want to test some Besta combinations, but I am quite overwhelmed. I find the program not very user-friendly… Do you know of some good tutorials? Thank you kindly!

  14. Hi there Chris,

    I really appreciate this post. It’s been VERY helpful.

    I was wondering what anchors you used to support the wall mounts for your hanging/floating cabinets?

    Were you lucky enough to have some studs to support them?

    I’ve got drywall in a condo and I’m not sure what it’s set against. I do know that concrete separates the apartments, but I don’t know the specifics of what’s behind the surface of the wall or how thick the drywall is.

    Your thoughts and help are greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again,


    • Sorry for late reply. This one must have slipped past my radar.

      The floating cabinets were drilled through studs in the wall, so no anchors were needed.

      I’d get a stud-finder and see if you can find out where they are. It’s likely wood or metal frame studs with drywall over top.

      Find those and that’s your best bet for a secure fit.

  15. Great job! It seems to me that all the bottom cabinet doors are made of wood, I guess the infrared remote control for the Denon receiver will not work with the door closed…
    That wouldn’t be an option for me, any suggestions?

    • I have a Denon receiver with infrared remote as well. Here’s how I got past the problem…

      I use a Logitech IR extender kit. I have 3 IR blasters placed in the cabinets to control the components and the main IR is mounted under the TV with mounting tape.
      The IR blasters are in the cabinets up close and by the doors. This allows the signal to bounce off the door and into the device

      Blends right in, and you wouldn’t notice its there unless you’re looking for it. You might be able to spot the main IR (below Panasonic logo) in the pics from this post

  16. Great job and thanks for detailed explanation. How did you get the power cord from TV all the down the base unit? I see that you drilled a hole within the cabinets and the top brackets, but do not see how the power cord comes down from the TV unit to the bottom? Also, I see that the speaker wires were routed from inside the wall to the bottom plate. If I have glass shelves is there a possibility to hang the speakers from the panel? Thanks for your help.

    • The Framsta panels come in two styles, I have the wood ones and for those you simply cut a notch out of the one behind the TV and the cords go out from the panel, down the holes in the brackets, and through holes in the cabinets where they can exit out back.

      I don’t think you can hang the speakers on glass framsta panels. I believe they are tempered and if you try to cut or drill them they will shatter. They do make a special glass framsta panel with a cutout to allow for the TV wires to go out back, and that hole will be hidden by the TV mounted in front of it.

  17. thanks for the post so far I have done 2 ikea kitchens and a wall of pax now I am thinking of this. I am not too huge on some of the quality in ikea but the engineering makes up for it. The ability to customize the space is something that not many others offer. Your post was excellent at outlining the small problems to get it to work. I wonder how many people buy this stuff and never complete the job :)

  18. Thanks for posting this it’s been a big help. Just made a trip to IKEA and am in the process of designing a layout similar to yours. Luckily IKEA has made some improvements; the FRAMSTA aluminum frames I picked up yesterday have a precut oval with a plastic grommet for running wires! One less thing I have to do!

  19. Great write-up. I’ve been looking at the Besta system for a relatively simple lounge install, but thanks to this I’ll look carefully at what I buy.

    Here in the UK we don’t have an IKEA Besta Planner, but I found one on the Canadian site. No idea why.

    I have a feeling they may have updated some of the items since you wrote this.


  20. Chris,

    Did you leave the rear panels off the bottom storage units that hold your components? I just got a couple fans to help cool them so I can leave the doors closed. Was wondering how you arranges the fans and if the back of the cabinets were open to the wall.


  21. I love your work… and I love your cat =p
    As now I know what kind of furniture you have, I’d like to know the breed of your cat lol.
    So cute =)
    Thanks in advance.

    • Thanks so much. Our cat is a Russian Siberian, I think they call her coloring Seal Point. She’s such a great, and entertaining cat.

  22. Hello I bought a best framsta and I am now installing it, it will be a floating unit. How did you get the cables through the frame to the bottom shelving? Since it will lay flush on the wall we cant run them from the back of the panel and the frame sit right on top of the back edge. I have been trying to figure this out for three days now any help?

    • We drilled holes in the framsta aluminum frames for the cabling to route down. For the cabinets, I didn’t install the back, and then just drilled through the top of that as well. So basically a hole runs through the framsta aluminum panels, and through the besta cabinets.

      • I also bought the top glass panel to place on top of the cabinets for a nice finished look but if I cut holes in the top of thwe cabinet and pass wires through this wont allow me to have the glass sit flush with the edge of the cabinet it will be about a 2 inch over hang. They offer this finish but didnt really think this BEsta line out. Pure mess. My unit is similiar to yours how did you mount the frame to the wall where exactly did you put the brackets that connect to the wall of each 4 piece panel?

        • Ah, yeah I wanted the top glass too but realized it wouldn’t work with that approach either.

          Besta really isn’t designed to be mounted flush to a wall, which unfortunately is how they show it in the store and how you and I wanted to use it in practice.

          You can see in a couple pictures above, that for the brackets I hacked wood blocks the depth of the gap between the framsta panels and the walls. I spaced the brackets equal distances apart from each other along the frame. For the mounting, a screw went through the provided aluminum bracket, through the wood block, and into the wall.

          Your floating install, might be a different beast. My base cabinets sit on the floor to provide support for the hanging weight. I might try to thing of some other reinforcement if you’re going to try and truly float it flush against the wall.

  23. Hi, your post was Spot On!!! My husband and I are tearing our hear out as we are approaching the end of the second week of our BESTA Vara (white oak effect Besta furniture) day project, and see no end in sight. Our biggest problem is how to put up the hanging cabinets on the wall to be in line with the tall cupboard that stands next to them. As we have skirting and laminate beading on the floor which push out the tall cupboard and the lower cabinets which hold TV (~1″), the wall cabinets need to be put away from the wall too. We tried putting a long narrow piece of wood, but it didn’t work, as nothing was supporting the cabinet on the bottom. Where did you get the aluminium brackets which I can see on your photos? Any other thoughts on how to put up the wall cabinets? Any help you can give us will be very much appreciated.
    By the way, your living room now does look great. Well done!

    • I think the aluminum brackets you’re speaking of are the Besta Suspension Rails…

      You’ll want those to mount any top cabinets to the wall.

      We had some molding around the base of the wall (by the floor) also. This is why our unit jutted out about an 1″ and why we put 1″ blocks between
      the included mounts on the framsta panels and the wall.

      So if you looked for it, our bottom cabinets jut out just a touch more than the top cabinets (because the top cabinets are flush against the wall).
      It’s not noticeable, looks great, and I forgot all about it until your reply made me take another look at our setup.

  24. Hey, your system looks great! We are having a carpenter come in and install our Besta Framsta. I wanted to get a jump on things, so I wanted to see what extra mounting hardware I would need for the cabinets (and the frame the TV mounts to?). I want to relay the info to the carpenter ahead of time.

  25. I am installing a besta floating cabinet under my tv to hold my component items (dish box, ps3, blue ray player, etc.) Anyways, I love your site here. You did an amazing job with everything. This is way more than I’m wanting to tackle. I only want to install a floating cabinet (like your top cabinets). But I’m a perfectionist and I am absolutely freaking out about how to do it. Can you provide me with some detailed instructions on how to install the suspension rails and attach the cabinets to them? I found the pdf on the ikea website, but it’s very vague and hard to read.

  26. I didnt go through each post, well not all, but did you remember to relocate your infra-red alarm detector in the corner, your uppers are now in its way 8). Nice job on the install and hack btw.

  27. Hey Chris, I love your work and the way your system looks. I am just curious what is the total height of your system, and how tall where the shelf units you used on the base of your system.

    Thank you in advance.

  28. I am so jealous that your project is finished! We are working on the besta right now at all and things were thrown in anger tonight. We can’t get our wall mount to sit straight — it seems our wall might be uneven? do you have any solutions for that, anything that might work other than the besta brackets? nothing seems to be working! thanks :)

    • Oh man…I totally know what you mean. It was a rough few weeks for us, but once it gets up you forget about all the strife it took to make happen and just enjoy it. You’ll get there. Probably just need a good night’s sleep and you’ll awaken with renewed motivation.

      For the uneven wall I think I have a link that might help. One of my favorite blogs – The Brick House – had similar troubles with her Fauxdenza IKEA cabinet project. She crammed some paint shims underneath the rails at the ends where the wall curved (and looks like used some stacked foam pads as well). Check it out and it may give you some ideas…

  29. thank you so much! we awoke this morning with an “f it.. we’ll just screw it into the wall” mentality, so this one might be a safer bet :)

  30. Great hack! I wish we had time to devote to such attention to detail. With two small kids, it’s more like, “Setthe TV on top of an old coffee table. Done.” A hack like this would take us 7 years. It’s a stark contrast to our “cat days.”

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  32. Wow!

    Amazing! Such an inspiration and wake up call at the same time. We are phasing out our office to make room for our 2nd child and felt that a 3 metre by 2 metre entertainment/storage/office unit is the way to go. We need some place to store the office stuff ;) and it will be going into our family room. Thanks ever so much for your awesome post/tutorial, as it answered many of our questions regarding cabling and lighting issues. Also, loved your drawer hack! Good to know that it’s going to takes us awhile, we’ll be sure to tackle it when my in-laws visit, we’re always looking for stuff to keep them busy ;p LOL!
    Your house looks great, and we just love how Eva hams it up for the camera!


    CAT >^..^<

    • Thanks so much! Glad you were able to find this post useful and good idea with the in-laws. I try to find things like this to keep mine busy as well :)

      Our cat is all about hamming it up. Camera or no camera.

      Good luck on the new project!

  33. I bought the Besta shelf unit/height extension cabinet to hang on my wall. The problem is that the unit should be braced to two studs, but it is too short. (45.25″) We can only nail it in to three studs because it is just short of the fourth stud. I have no clue what to do now. I’ve already put them together and everything. Do you have any suggestions????

  34. This is great, thanks so much for sharing! I am considering buying one of the Besta TV Storage Combinations for my 60″ Samsung Plasma. I don’t have the TV delivered yet, but I would have to mount it, since the base piece is too large to rest on the drawers at the base of the Besta. My question is whether or not I will be able to fit HDMI plugs, etc in the back of the TV. In other words, will the Framsta wall bracket hold the TV a decent distance away from the wall on the unit, so that the casing on those plugs will fit in the horizontal distance between the two? Hope to hear back from you soon!

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