In need of some shade : IKEA Enje & Tupplar Roller Blinds installation

Christy and I have been living under standard fare, previous-owner furnished shades throughout the house.

The most exotic of which, has to be the camo pattern…

Also are some bamboo shades, adorning the east / west side facing rooms, that aren’t too bad, but nothing we’d pick out ourselves.

Another to-do of ours was to one day replace these with black-out shades for a few reasons…

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Office Space (Remodeling our home office)

Ahh, the office.

When Christy and I relocated to the Austin area (from frigid Rochester, MN), we technically became remote employees (our teams still centralized in Minnesota).

During the transition we both worked a lot from our offices on the Austin campus, but after about year of getting settled in we started to realize actually driving to the office wasn’t necessary.  Neither of us had coworkers in our buildings, and we were working on laptops.  So we gradually started working more and more from our home until eventually it became the norm.

There were quite a few deficiencies at home though, and we decided to address them by making a more formal and functional office space for the both of us.

When we first moved in, we just had a single small desk that we tried to fit all our equipment and things onto…

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Hi Definition 1.0 (7.1 Speaker Installation)

I’m an electrical engineer, so it goes without saying that I’m a electronics freak.

One area I’m particularly passionate about is home theater, and I aim to have a powerful home setup that can provide the feel of being in a theater.

One place I was lacking was in audio.  So I secured a Onkyo SR606 receiver and some KEF speakers from various online outlets including eBay.

Since the KEF speakers are small, I wanted to mount them on the ceiling so they don’t interfere with the openness of the home and to get rid of all unsightly wires (both issues with my old samsung HTIB setup).

Installing speakers in the ceiling is not the easiest endeavor (especially for our low roofline house), so if you plan on taking this on be armed with plenty of patience and a partner with just as much (thanks Christy!).

First order of business was making openings for the speaker wires to route to.  This wouldn’t be so bad, but we were blessed with having hardwood panels framing the entire living room 🙁  Starting a hole, and then sawing to precisely fit a new speaker panel was no easy task…

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Stu-Stu-Studio (making our upstairs apartment into a livable studio space)

Well, we got the remodeling bug and our determined to turn that beat-up apartment into a nice, livable space.

We’re expecting some friends to stay with us for a few months starting in January, so that gives us the extra push to get things up to CP-grade there.

Our plan…

1. Tear down the rickety cabinets

2. Re-paint the whole place

3. New window blinds

4. Repaint the kitchen cabinets (white is so 80’s)

5. Add some furnishings, so it’s ready for guests.

And so here starts our first big project.  First thing was to move out a lot of the stuff we were storing up there.

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