You got the besta me: IKEA Besta Cabinet installation

I ordered a new television recently (see HD 2.0)  and, of course, didn’t think I’d be satisfied with just sitting it on a stand.

I was thinking it’d be good to just mount it on the wall with a mounting frame, but wiring (especially after new insulation) might present a few challenges. And Christy didn’t want any big holes in the wall.

In our many trips to IKEA we took note of the cool media cabinet configurations they had, so we thought maybe we could just get a new stand and mount it to that. That’d be a lot easier than drilling holes, routing electrical wires, and attaching a recessed box for a wall-mount, right?


Actually, this project was probably one of the biggest things we’ve underestimated. We should have known when a guy at Ikea commented on our car-loads of Ikea boxes with, “It took me two weeks to assemble some of their closets. Good luck!”

What we thought would be a weekend project turned into about 3-4 weeks of daily tweaks and finagling.

We should have first realized this when just figuring out what to buy (what would fit in the room) required a Google Sketchup of the place.

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In need of some shade : IKEA Enje & Tupplar Roller Blinds installation

Christy and I have been living under standard fare, previous-owner furnished shades throughout the house.

The most exotic of which, has to be the camo pattern…

Also are some bamboo shades, adorning the east / west side facing rooms, that aren’t too bad, but nothing we’d pick out ourselves.

Another to-do of ours was to one day replace these with black-out shades for a few reasons…

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Office Space (Remodeling our home office)

Ahh, the office.

When Christy and I relocated to the Austin area (from frigid Rochester, MN), we technically became remote employees (our teams still centralized in Minnesota).

During the transition we both worked a lot from our offices on the Austin campus, but after about year of getting settled in we started to realize actually driving to the office wasn’t necessary.  Neither of us had coworkers in our buildings, and we were working on laptops.  So we gradually started working more and more from our home until eventually it became the norm.

There were quite a few deficiencies at home though, and we decided to address them by making a more formal and functional office space for the both of us.

When we first moved in, we just had a single small desk that we tried to fit all our equipment and things onto…

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Stu-Stu-Studio (making our upstairs apartment into a livable studio space)

Well, we got the remodeling bug and our determined to turn that beat-up apartment into a nice, livable space.

We’re expecting some friends to stay with us for a few months starting in January, so that gives us the extra push to get things up to CP-grade there.

Our plan…

1. Tear down the rickety cabinets

2. Re-paint the whole place

3. New window blinds

4. Repaint the kitchen cabinets (white is so 80’s)

5. Add some furnishings, so it’s ready for guests.

And so here starts our first big project.  First thing was to move out a lot of the stuff we were storing up there.

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