Handyman (A/C Repair)

We have an 14-year-old A/C unit cooling our main home, and have had a few contractors come by to give estimates on replacing it so we have an idea of what to save for in our house fund.

Well, today it actually went out.  Fans run like normal, but no cool air coming out of the vent.

Not cool (I know no one cares if my puns are intended, Maddox).

Instead of panicking, we thought we’d go inspect the A/C a little bit to see what might be up.

Upon opening the main cover, we saw a whole colony of ants fried in the switch, and a rusty looking capacitor.  Both of which looked easy enough to remove.

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Going Green 1.0 (Ceiling Insulation and Radiant Barrier Installation)

Christy and I have been paying some high utility bills lately, and we’ve come to realize that our house needs some work on the energy efficiency front.

Luckily, our utility company (Austin Energy) is pretty proactive about promoting energy efficient alternatives and even have a program where they will send someone out to do a free in-home Energy Audit.

In the audit, a contractor comes by and does several measurements around the house, including a blower-door test (below), inspects insulation, a/c, furnace, windows for leaks, water heaters and other appliances and then summarizes what areas need addressing.

For us, and our old home, quite a lot of the bigger things could use a solution.  Those bigger things being A/C, windows, and insulation.  All those items were very old, if not original to the house.

But we couldn’t afford to take care of all these things at once, so we decided to address the item that could give us the most bang for the buck for starters.

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Our new (old) house


We’d like to welcome you inside our new (1977 built) home.

This is the first house for my wife and I, and although we like it as it is, we are looking forward into making it something we absolutely love!

We already have a few ideas in our minds, but before all that begins let us give you a little photo-grand-tour of our new and first place…

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Welcome to House.0

A blog documenting two techies quest to make their old 70’s home into a modern, peaceful and fun place.

We plan to detail all our DIY adventures for your enjoyment and perhaps even to inspire as we’ve been inspired by other such blogs.

So sit back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the site!