Going Green 1.0 (Ceiling Insulation and Radiant Barrier Installation)

Christy and I have been paying some high utility bills lately, and we’ve come to realize that our house needs some work on the energy efficiency front.

Luckily, our utility company (Austin Energy) is pretty proactive about promoting energy efficient alternatives and even have a program where they will send someone out to do a free in-home Energy Audit.

In the audit, a contractor comes by and does several measurements around the house, including a blower-door test (below), inspects insulation, a/c, furnace, windows for leaks, water heaters and other appliances and then summarizes what areas need addressing.

For us, and our old home, quite a lot of the bigger things could use a solution.  Those bigger things being A/C, windows, and insulation.  All those items were very old, if not original to the house.

But we couldn’t afford to take care of all these things at once, so we decided to address the item that could give us the most bang for the buck for starters.

We determined that would be the insulation.  Here’s some pics of what we were working with…

As you can see, we basically had a zero-insulation situation.  You could see the wood boards all across the attic floor and the pink fluff that was initially put in had all but deteriorated into little clumps in between the boards.

While we were at it, we decided to go with a spray-on radiant barrier as well.  Hoping it would give us that little extra bit of protection from the blistering heat.

The radiant barrier was applied first…

Once that set, it was time to bring in the insulation.  We opted for **** bringing us up to R-46.  Above code.

The insulation was simply blown-in from a long tube that fed from a truck parked out front.  When I walked in, this kind of reminded me of the quarantine scene in ET.

And here’s the new blown-in insulation…

Looks like a build-a-bear factory up there now.

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