Going Green 2.0 (Energy Efficient A/C installation)

Another year, and time to address our home’s energy efficiency again.

The next big item we wanted to fix was the Air Conditioning unit.  And since this is the last year for the Federal Tax Credits, we thought its time to take advantage.

What our house used to have is an old SEER-6 equivalent unit that dates about 14 years old…

After having a few contractors come out with bids, we decided on Service Wizard through 1st Choice Energy.

Price was reasonable, and most importantly they seemed to size our unit effectively to our house, and offered Trane brand A/C.  After my reading it seemed the Trane units were more reliable and respected than some of the other brands (Lennox, Goodman).

We also took advantage of a 5-year, 0% loan being offered by Austin Energy for such upgrades.  Since 0% is basically free money, we signed up and have scheduled auto payments for the next 5 years to pay it all off in full.

Here’s some pics of the shiny, new unit…

Looks nice, doesn’t it?  That baby is supposed to save us about $40/month during the summer.  So I’ll be tracking our energy usage and comparing against previous readings to see if this really holds true.  We sure hope so.

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