Don’t quote me on that : Making a ‘quotes’ mural for our office

So we knew we needed a little something in our office, decoration-wise, to give it that finishing touch.

I’d been seeing a lot of message type paintings through my reading of modern design blogs and magazines, and thought doing something simple like that would provide the right impact…

The Inspiration…

But what would we say?

Since it was our office, we thought maybe doing motivational quotes would be appropriate.

We looked through a few, and I found some one night that I liked.  So made a little photoshop of it to help Christy visualize my idea…

After she approved, we went to work (btw, the process we do here is not recommended, after our trial and error we realize it could have been done a lot easier than the steps we take below.)

We started out by enlarging the photoshop of the message to the actual size of the canvas we were going to put the message on (48″ x 60″).

I then made a grid of 8 1/2″ x 11″ squares and printed out all the letters on cardstock paper.

We then took that cardstock, and lined it up on the canvas to double-check the layout.  Everything looked great, so we began the much-more-tedious-than-we-expected step of cutting out the letters with x-acto knifes.

Doing that work took a couple nights worth of patience.

We then took a lot of double-sided tape and began putting all our cardstock masks in place on the white canvas (painted with acrylic gesso using a palette knife for texture)

Now with all that (finally!) out of the way, we proceeded to what we thought would be the easy part.  Spray painting the letters.

Nice, so now we just pick up the masks and it’s done, right?


We thought for a moment that maybe we could just paint around the letters and clean it up.  I gave up on that idea after about 2 minutes.

So I painted the whole canvas white again and we started attempt #2.

Since all the spray paint just diffused around the masks, this time we thought we’d be smart and just roll the paint on with a miniature roller.

The results were much better, but still not perfect.  That’s when it dawned on me that we should have made our letter masks out of frisket paper (a paper-like film with an adhesive backing).

It was too late though, and after all that effort I would just paint around the letters and clean it up.
This was more doable since the letters weren’t in as bad shape as they were after attempt 1.

After a few days of touching up letters in my free time (Christy’s hands way too shaky for the task), we finally had something to put up in our office…

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