Grand Tour

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by.  I’m sure you’re here for the grand tour so let’s not waste anytime.

Here is our lounge area, that we not-so-imaginatively call the ‘front room’.

If you’re lucky you might catch Christy playing the piano in the corner.  If you’re not lucky you might catch Eva the cat using the litter box hidden behind the lowest cabinet of the book shelf.

Now, moving down the hallway you’ll see our main living area…

If the Le Corbusier chairs in the front room didn’t tell you we like modern decor, this area will.  The open design here was one of the major selling points of this home when we bought it and we still love that part of it now.  Great for entertaining as guests are never shut off from the key areas of the home…kitchen, dinner table, sofa, and tv.

Here’s a closer look at our dining area…

And here is the kitchen…

Now let’s walk back toward the front of the house to show you the other living areas.

Oh, here’s a view of the TV and entertainment center setup from the dining table.  It was a lot of work putting that entertainment center together but we love the look of it now that its complete.

Here’s our office…

We both work remote and spend our 8-5ish weekdays here.  And that’s Eva the cat, assuming her typical napping position during those 8-5ish work hours.

Here’s our guest room…

We usually have our fair share of visitors so this room comes in handy.  When we’re not expecting guests though I setup my art studio here by covering everything with lots of drop cloths and wood panels.

Here is our master bedroom…

We eventually want to take out the carpet here, and put in some wood flooring but that’s a project a bit down the road.

So, that’s about it for our main living space.  Let’s go check out the back yard…

It’s a work in progress.  We love that there’s lots of space to work with and we have visions of a wood fired pizza oven, long outdoor dining table and chairs, and better landscaping in the future.  But it’s definitely an enjoyable area now.

Now let’s walk up and show you the studio.

Here’s the studio…

We usually have some friends that stay here and its quite a nice space to accomodate them.  About 650sq. ft and completely disconnected from the main floor of the house.  This place was in shambles when we moved in , but we worked hard to make it a livable areas for our out-of-town guests.

Its got all the essentials, including full kitchen and bar area…

Well, that’s about it for the tour.  If you want to read more on how we got our house into the shape it’s in for the tour just read through the main section of the blog.

Thanks for stopping by and come back anytime!

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