Green Acres (Landscape beautification project)

When we bought our home, the front lawn and flower beds was one of the first things we wanted to address.

It’s the first thing everyone sees when they arrive at our home!

As you can see, things were not in good shape when we moved in…

We thought about possible solutions for quite a bit and decided on filling the beds out with a variety of drought-tolerant native texas plants.  The plants had to be able to handle full sun (no shade from tree), and give some character to our home.

Here’s one of the sketches I made to help visualize where I wanted to go…

Christy and I rented a truck from Home Depot, and picked up our assortment of plants from Barton Springs Nursery (Agave, Rosemary, Prickly Pear Cactus, Red Yucca, Mexican Sage).

We also arranged for some new soil from Natural Gardener to be dropped (literally) at our house.  We rented a tiller as well and worked in the new soil so our plants would thrive.

After the soil was ready, we then began digging the holes for the plants (tons of work, up late at night and looking like grave diggers).

The results was well worth the effort though.

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