Handyman (A/C Repair)

We have an 14-year-old A/C unit cooling our main home, and have had a few contractors come by to give estimates on replacing it so we have an idea of what to save for in our house fund.

Well, today it actually went out.  Fans run like normal, but no cool air coming out of the vent.

Not cool (I know no one cares if my puns are intended, Maddox).

Instead of panicking, we thought we’d go inspect the A/C a little bit to see what might be up.

Upon opening the main cover, we saw a whole colony of ants fried in the switch, and a rusty looking capacitor.  Both of which looked easy enough to remove.

We did some research on the internet and our A/C symptoms matched that of a faulty switch.  So I disconnected power, got an insulated screwdriver, and silicone gloves and proceeded to remove the parts (didn’t want to get shocked).

I then took the old, rusty, ant-infested parts to a local A/C supply shop (Johnstone Supply)…

They got me a replacement switch and capacitor for around $15!

I took them home, and had Christy craft a new mount out of duct tape and cardboard (new capacitor much smaller than older one).

Then I connected everything back up, screwed it in place, and we held our breath as we started up the A/C again.

And it worked!  Cool air and back in business in only a few hours.

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