Hi Definition 2.0 (Going 3D)

I decided its time for me to upgrade my HDTV.  The center of my home theatre setup.  And have placed an order for the new Panasonic VT30.

It’s been 7 years since I purchased the Panasonic 60″ LC14 HDTV that is there now.

And everyone who hears I’m getting a new TV, asks ‘Why?’

Well, I’ll tell you why…

– Old TV is not web-connected.  No Pandora, and no my PS3 doesn’t do Pandora either.

– Old TV is a rear-projection LCD that is about 16″ deep

– Old TV just outputs 720p.

– Old TV has a dead cluster of pixels on bottom of screen.

– Old TV is 7-years old

– Old TV looks 7-years old

– Old TV can’t produce the blacks, the refresh rate, the colors, and overall picture the new VT30 I ordered can and because I’m a electronics geek I really appreciate those kind of things.

Another thing of note is the new VT30 is also supposed to deliver the best 3D experience to date.

Now, I personally haven’t been the biggest fan of 3D, but I was impressed by Avatar and by demos of its potential showcased on video games at 2010 CES.  So I didn’t buy this new TV because it can do 3D.  It just so happens that the best 2D TV’s on the market are alos the best 3D TV’s as well, so I’m excited to see what the 3D experience it does deliver is like.

I also ordered the TV with professional ISFcc calibration in Day, Night, and 3D modes.  Which is exciting in that it gives me the peace of mind that the set is tuned to showcase the best, most accurate colors, shadows, and depth that it can.

I have a little bit of a wait ahead of me because I have to wait for the 2nd allocation of shipments due to my number on the wait list + 150 hours of break-in + professional calibration before shipment.  When it finally does arrive though, it should be well worth the wait.

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