High Definiton 2.0 update

Well, my new HDTV set has finally arrived and we wasted no time unboxing and setting it up on our Besta cabinet installation…

And here it finally is…

We’re really quite relieved that this whole project worked out and the TV fit on the mounts just like we measured.  Everything looks super clean and neat, and everything just works together.

It took a lot of time and work to get here, but man was it worth it.

4 thoughts on “High Definiton 2.0 update

  1. This project looks fantastic!

    One question, where are your other home theater components located? I ask as it relates to remote usage. Are they in they cabinets with an IR extender cable attached to the front of the cabinets?

    Again, it looks great!

    • Thanks! I have the home theater components in most of the bottom drawers.

      You’re right, I use an Logitech IR extender kit. I have 3 IR blasters in the cabinets to control the components and a IR sensor mounted below my TV set.

      Blends right in, and you wouldn’t notice its there unless you’re looking for it.

  2. Hi Chris & Christy, love your house and how you’re renovating it!
    Keep posting pictures, it’s inspiring…you’re doing a really nice work! 🙂
    Good luck

    Monia (italy)

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