Stu-Stu-Studio (making our upstairs apartment into a livable studio space)

Well, we got the remodeling bug and our determined to turn that beat-up apartment into a nice, livable space.

We’re expecting some friends to stay with us for a few months starting in January, so that gives us the extra push to get things up to CP-grade there.

Our plan…

1. Tear down the rickety cabinets

2. Re-paint the whole place

3. New window blinds

4. Repaint the kitchen cabinets (white is so 80’s)

5. Add some furnishings, so it’s ready for guests.

And so here starts our first big project.  First thing was to move out a lot of the stuff we were storing up there.

Then we tore down those built-in cabinets and started painting the whole place a nice pristine white.

Getting that place white took a lot of KILZ primer, and a lot of coats of Behr paint.  But the finished product brought new life and crispness to the place.  Our plan might very well work out.

Next up was painting the cabinets.  But before you can paint them you have to remove them…ALL of them…

With all the doors removed we thought we could just paint them and be on our way.  But, we couldn’t have been more wrong.  The doors had some kind of melanine coating on them, so our paint wouldn’t stick.  So we did our best to sand them all down (this was so painful I’ve since blocked it out of my memory).

After that, the paint stuck a little better, but not near well enough to withstand constant use.  This is a kitchen!

So we got some heavy-duty KILZ primer, designed for this very purpose and starting applying that as a base…

Applying that stuff did the trick, so we were relieved to be through with that ordeal.  But we’ll wait to show you pics of the painted doors until later 🙂

Next was getting some furnishings in there.  Since there wasn’t really a closet in the space it needed some practical wardrobe solution.  So we went to IKEA and picked up a couple of PAX wardrobe units…

Picked up a mattress at IKEA as well, and then scored some cool finds on Craigslist, IKEA couch, Queen bed frame and coffee table.  This place was starting to come together.

Now with the cabinet doors dry and all the cabinet sides painted we could put the kitchen together.

So just to remind you, we went from this…

To this…

Not too shabby?

So here’s another picture of our 3 week labor of love…

Everything in place and ready for our friends to come stay for a little while.  It took a lot (A LOT) of work, but making an embarrassing part of our home something we’re proud of makes it all worth it.

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