Take me to your master (Master Bedroom remodel)

In our remodeling frenzy, we decided to start attacking the master bedroom.

We are throwing around a lot of ideas here, and have some big ideas for more major renovations but for now just want to take care of some of the essentials.

1. Repainting over that army / commando color scheme

2. New bedroom furniture

3. Putting up more modern curtains

Surprisingly, I don’t have a lot of pictures of our master bedroom before we started the painting phase.

But to give you an idea of what we were working with, here’s some shots of the bedroom from our viewing with the realtor…

And here’s a couple pics before painting the room, with our old furniture (a cantoni set)…

The old furniture set was something I purchased out of college for my first place as a professional.  I never really was able to find a place quite big enough for it though.  Christy always felt it was too dominating and expansive and after a while I started to see her point.

I put the set up on craigslist, and helped somebody pack it away (hopefully going to a large room it really deserved).

After looking around for a while, went with something a lot more minimal, clean and low profile.  We settled on some West Elm bedroom set called Terra and brightened up our sheets with a blue pattern we got from Motif.  The shades are from IKEA, their ENJE line of roller blinds.  Luckily we had enough fortitude to buy enough to use all around the house, before they got discontinued.

So without further ado, here’s what our room looks like now…

The white makes it look more clean and open, and the minimal furniture set really makes the room feel a lot larger.

It’s not perfect yet (look at that carpet).  But it’ll do for now.

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