In need of some shade : IKEA Enje & Tupplar Roller Blinds installation

Christy and I have been living under standard fare, previous-owner furnished shades throughout the house.

The most exotic of which, has to be the camo pattern…

Also are some bamboo shades, adorning the east / west side facing rooms, that aren’t too bad, but nothing we’d pick out ourselves.

Another to-do of ours was to one day replace these with black-out shades for a few reasons…

1. Privacy (the current shades are basically see-through at night with the interior lights on)

2. Darkness for home theater

3. Block out more sun for energy efficiency

We’ve searched for window treatments before but couldn’t find anything with a modern look that didn’t require a professional (Texas Sun and Shade).

But we did see some interesting options in our IKEA catalog (yeah, IKEA again).

We measured windows in all the rooms, and took another trip down I-35 to check them out.

They had a couple cool options, Tupplar and Enje.  The Enje ones looked to have nice metal hardware and a sheer dark grey (but see-through) fabric.

The Tupplar had white plastic hardware but a thick, black, black-out shade fabric.

This was the first time we’ve found black-out shade fabric in colors other than white, so we decided to get them.

We chose to get the black-out variety for the living areas and master bedroom, and the sheer ones for the other rooms where privacy wasn’t of concern.

It of course, wasn’t that easy.  The set sizes the curtains where available in didn’t quite match up our specs.  So some IKEA hackery was needed (again)!

Some of the blinds were simply too wide.  So for those, we cut the metal rod down with a hacksaw, and cut the cloth to match (with a t-square and measuring tape).

That took quite a bit of time and patience, but once cut we could finally begin to hang them…

That solution didn’t work for all the windows of course.  The Tupplar black-out curtains we wanted for our bedroom didn’t come in sizes long enough to cover floor to ceiling windows, but the Enje ones did.  So we began to brainstorm.

I thought it’d be easy to buy some black-out fabric (white of course, as that’s all we could seem to find at a fabric store) and mount it to the back of the Enje fabric.

So we cut the fabric to size, and with some fabric glue attached the black-out fabric to the blind material (at the top where the blinds are attached to the metal rod).  You’ll want to note the maximum length you’ll roll down the blinds (and tack on a few extra for good measure).  Be sure not to glue below that distance or you’ll probably see the glue through the fabric and the end result won’t be so pretty.

We left the bottom part of the shade free flowing, so you wouldn’t see glue or smear marks.

The one issue with this solution is the extra blackout fabric makes the blinds a little too heavy for the roller to support a mid-rolled up shade.  So we have to live with the shades either being all the way up or all the way down (not a bad compromise for us).

Overall, we’re happy with the results and think the new shades go a long way toward giving our home that extra modern touch.

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