Who are these people?

Yeah, thought you might be wondering that.

Well, we’re Chris


and Eva…

A couple of tech nerds (and regal cat) with a hobby for making their home look and feel more modern and sleek (are we crazy?).

When we’re not busy with that, you’ll likely catch us taking on a new recipe in the kitchen or reading blogs or magazines to gain design inspiration.

We’re nice people, and wanted to give back so that’s why we made this blog….in hopes that maybe you too may be inspired (or maddened) by our remodeling efforts.

Take a look around, leave a comment or two, and let us know you’re out there. ¬†Everyone likes a little company.

Recent Posts

Long-Term Review: Herman Miller Setu Chairs

We’ve had our Herman Miller Setu Office chairs for exactly 9 months today, so I thought that may be a good enough milestone to warrant a long-term review.

When we were in the spirit of redesigning our office we ordered a pair of Setu Chairs from¬†Smartfurniture.com in the following configuration…

  • Studio White Frame
  • Lyris Slate Grey Upholstery
  • Ribbon Arms
  • Five-star Aluminum Base
  • Translucent Casters (we have hardwood floors in the office)
  • Standard Height (we’re both about 5’8″)
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